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Website Alchemy is made up of a husband and wife team, John Leonard and Serena Star-Leonard.

Together, we have been travelling the world for 10 years, looking after our clients remotely. We slowed and settled in NZ recently while we enjoy the adventure of raising our tiny human.

We are passionate about online business, the technology is always changing, the language is always changing and styles come and go... it is a constant learning curve!

Despite that, we pride ourselves in being able to give our clients a website that is more than just a pretty face! It must work for your business and it must feel like home.

John Leonard & Serena Star Leonard
JOhn, Serena & Baby Phoenix
Smilimg Baby Phoenix
Serena & John Jumping in Bike gear

9 reasons why

we should build your website...

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    We provide a depth of service.

    We can help you with design and development, writing and formatting, SEO, digital publishing, E-learning platforms, email marketing, website strategy, skills training, backups and security, video production, and more... just ask!

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    We are both best selling authors.

    published through Penguin and John Wiley and Sons. We have both enjoyed exciting book journeys through traditional publishing and have assisted a number of clients through the technical aspects of independent publishing.

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    We have experienced success

    through our own websites and many wonderful, life-changing opportunities from our work online.

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    We charge less than our peers.

    Considering our wealth of experience, our rates are low, both for our websites and for our ongoing support.

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    We are compassionate, loving people who want to make a difference in the world.

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    We can teach you how...

    to manage your website and grow your community. Our one-on-one training will ensure you feel supported and confident to expand your offerings online.

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    We are all-rounders.

    We have a solid understanding of most facets of building communities online and will build you a website that not only looks great but is designed to be genuinely useful to your business for the long term. We will help you understand how marketing works so that you can think of future based strategies.

    Although we do keep abreast of advancements in technology, we have found that focusing on best-practice fundamentals will give your website a sturdy foundation upon which to grow.

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    We are friendly, knowledgeable & reliable

    and have a depth of skills in website production, community building, and marketing.

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    We are patient and explain what we are doing and why!

    We are used to working with people who have little or no technical knowledge. We will look after things that you haven't even considered and we will help you feel confident to put yourself out there.


Serena Star-Leonard

serena star-leonard

Serena Star-Leonard is a renaissance woman. A social entrepreneur, business coach, writer, and the best-selling author of two books, Serena has big ideas and the passion and drive to bring them to fruition. She has founded or contributed to dozens of projects from music festivals to web communities to social enterprises.

Serena has taught hundreds of business owners how to produce their own website in her popular Website Launchpad courses and with her first book: How to Retire in 12 Months. Together with John, she has travelled for over 8 years through 35 countries collecting stories for their project Five Point Five.

She is creative, intuitive, and passionate about client outcomes. She has a gift for capturing the essence of a business and communicating that in website form and works tirelessly to ensure clients are thrilled with their new home online.

Offline, her current obsessions include being a great mum, creating a jungle of indoor plants, and building a new life in Ruakākā, Northland, New Zealand.

John Smoking Cigars in Cuba

john leonard

John Leonard is a very proud Dad, happy husband and all round grafter. He is a writer at heart, but has always loved the technical aspects of website building. He loves to fix things. He loves providing security. He is most happy (in a business sense), when providing no nonsense clarity to our website clients.

A former Dublin GAA player and award winning author of Dub Sub Confidential (Setanta Sports Book of the Year 2015) John looks after the installation, security and technical development of the websites.

He is also a creative story teller and handles the filming, editing and production of all video projects for Website Alchemy and Five Point Five.

He enjoys working with Serena to provide an all-round, personable service to our much loved and valuable clients.

He loves to spend time with his 2 year old boy and can be seen tramping through parks, forests, beaches and the other awesome wilds of New Zealand.

John also has his personal blog at Sober Paddy.


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Serena & John Cambodia
Phoenix, Serena & John at wedding
Phoenix Pointing
JOhn balancing Phoenix on hand
Baby Phoenix on path in forest
Serena drinks rum in Cuba
John in Vietnam
John & Serena wearing shades
John underwater
Phoenix Blue Eyes
Serena & John Scuba Diving
Phoenix dressed as a bear
Serena Star-Leonard at beach
John holding baby Phoenix
Serena doing aerial yoga