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How secure is your website?

Did you know that your website is extremely flexible? It can move and grow alongside you and your business. You can update it and redesign it as you expand without losing all the content and value that you create over time.

Your website is moveable and changeable and with that ability comes the need to manage your security and keep it safe.

Fortunately, this process is relatively painless once you know what you are doing! But it is extremely important – failing to maintain your website will leave it open to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by nefarious spambots trying to take advantage...

We see a lot of people who may not have the time, motivation, or technical skills to manage their security and updates.

To help we have a selection of options to help ensure that this crucial part of web ownership is covered - no matter your circumstances.

who will maintain your website?

In our free guide, I share with you my process for maintaining WordPress websites so that you can give your website the best chance of a long and secure existence!

Do these things and you will lessen your chances of being hacked or losing your precious website if your hosting fails.

BUT! If it all feels too hard - we can help! Here are your options...

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do it myself

For most of our clients, DIY Backups and Security is pretty straight forward. You can do it yourself!

Check out our handy step by step guide...

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teach me how

If you have looked through our instructions and still feel a bit lost, book a training session (or two) with John to step you through the process one-on-one and give you the confidence you need.

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do it for me!

Our monthly Backups and Security Service is ideal for complex setups (including online courses), for super busy people, or for self-confessed technophobes who would rather be doing anything else.

backups and security training with John

need a little more help to DIY?

Book John for a training session (or two) and walk you through the process of managing your plugins, checking your backups, and performing speed tests on your website.

The session will be held with live screen sharing via Zoom and you can record it for future reference if we use Zoom.

Training Sessions USD $69 - 60 minutes - live with John.

discover step-by-step how to

  • Check and download your backups

  • Update your website safely

  • Test your site for malware and vulnerabilities

  • Run speed tests

  • Check your site for broken links

  • Check if your site is listed as safe with Norton

  • Answer any other questions you may have about backups and maintenance.

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backups and security training

please do it for me

would you prefer your website security is managed for you?

this service includes:

For those who want to ensure the best possible security, this option is for you.

With the Backups and Maintenance Service, I will personally manage your plugin updates, backup and security tasks for you each month as well as comprehensive security tests every 6 months.

A report with confirmations and recommendations will be sent to you after each monthly service.

Monthly Subscription – USD$60 per month
Annual Subscription - USD$600 per year (save $120)

  • WordPress, themes and plugins updated

  • Website backups checked and copies downloaded and stored remotely

  • Website checked for malware, viruses and vulnerabilities

  • Security plugin scans (such as Wordfence and Sucuri)

  • Antivirus listings checked and verified

  • Full website back up test every 6 months on remote server

  • Full speed test every 12 months with a report of recommended actions

  • Up to 3 hours *Emergency support (per year)

WordPress Support Service

monthly managed backups and security

Terms: *Your 3 hours of Emergency Support is available if you or someone else breaks your website. I will work with you to resolve the issue, contact support on your behalf if need be or restore your website from the backup. If you require additional hours the rate is $65 per hour.
**No refunds, but subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.

clients say...

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"The Website Alchemy Security Service... a.k.a John is amazing. My website went down just as I launched a new offer, I used the emergency support to get me back up and running, increase my speed, and reassure me that a backup was recent and ready if needed. Security, support and peace of mind are well worth the investment."

Jason Stein - Wellness Renegades

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"John and Serena have been an asset to my company. I hired a website security administrator but she did not have enough skills to keep my website secure. My business coach recommended Website Alchemy when my website was hacked and my website security administrator was not even trying to fix the issue.

I emailed John and he came to my rescue! He immediately started working on my website and fixed the issues. I have now fired my old security manager and have hired John for all my security needs. He is highly skilled in website security and knows what to do to keep it secure and working properly."

Melissa Toyoshima - Wise Wellness Center

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"I have absolutely loved working with Serena and John. They are so knowledgeable, professional and savvy. They not only educate you but they go the extra mile to give you the best options. They are the perfect team for a busy business owner and single mom of a toddler.

I have learned so much from them, my business has grown, and they continue to monitor my website. Bonus: they knew my field so they were even more helpful with focusing on my target market. Thank you so so much!"

Karly Bannister - Keahi Health

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"As a small business owner, finding John & Serena was a relief! Very holistically heart-centered, caring, attentive, affordable, knowledgeable and professional. Do not hesitate to hire them immediately for your video or web support!!"

Laurel Elders, Founder: Integrative Coach Training

keep your website secure

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